The vitality of your deli business depends upon staying in-touch with customers, which is simple to do with email marketing! When hunger strikes, make sure that they remember your business and come by the shop to purchase a sandwich!

Getting email addresses from customers is a simple process as all it takes is a pen and paper be placed at the deli counter so that customers are able to add themselves to the list. It’s important to remind customers that email marketing is the best way for them to get informed of discounts and special offers to save them money!

A big advantage to email marketing is the cost savings versus placing an ad in a newspaper, which is expensive, and for a locally-owned deli, cost is important as often times the business is constantly watching its bottom line. What once was a reasonable way to advertise, placing an ad in a newspaper is cost prohibitive and the number of people who are reading newspapers is continually falling! Email marketing is more effective.


Email marketing software provides a deli the opportunity to target its customers more effectively than newspapers or most any other form of advertising. In addition, the advertising is more interactive, which customers appreciate! Pictures of yummy sandwiches are appealing to customers as selling a sandwich is more than just describing how it tastes. What better way to advertise than to send a customer a personalized message containing several pictures of tasty-looking sandwiches, sandwich ingredients, and customer testimonials? This is possible with email marketing!

Reminding customers that the deli offers great tasty compliments to sandwiches, such as a variety of condiments, chips, and soda pop alongside the advertisement of discounts and special offers. Effective deli email marketing also includes letting the customer know that larger quantities of deli meat can be purchased at the shop so that the customer is able to make his own sandwiches at home, when he doesn’t have time to visit the shop! It’s the best of both worlds!

It’s impossible to know at what exact time a customer will want a deli sandwich. Emailing customers a couple times per month is the best way to ensure that they remember your deli, so that when hunger strikes, they head straight to the shop to make a purchase!

Email marketing for delis makes a lot of sense! It provides a ton of benefits to customers. Be sure to setup email marketing immediately before your competition gets too much of a head start!